Monday, November 22, 2010


Steven and I went to our first baby class a Winnie Palmer. It was a class based around the second trimester. The class went over preterm labor, nutrition, exercise, planning for birth, and infant care issues. We actually learned quite a bit. I learned that the pressure I feel on occasion are Braxton Hicks contractions. We learned about at home remedies for pain and ways to distract from the pain. It was a long class but good.
I also had a check up last week and decided I am primarily going to see the Midwife, whom I have met and think is awesome. Some of the doctors in the office seem to be very tradition and I am looking to mix it up! This will definitely be interesting! Everything looks good with our baby girl. She is growing like she should and is moving like crazy.


  1. WP Hospital is a great place to deliver at. It's where I had my daughter. You should take a look at the extra amenities they offer. Some are kinda pricey, but they definitely worth the bedding upgrade. They'll tell you all about it when you set up your hospital tour. I'm glad your little girl is looking good!! I'm sure she's going to be beautiful, just like her Mommy!!