Wednesday, January 19, 2011


How many weeks?:   31 weeks down!  9 to go!                                      
How much weight gained:  Haven't weighed myself lately.  Probably around 25 pounds.

Is this your first pregnancy?:  Yes.

Latest food craving:  Slim Jim's.

Baby's name:  Stella Grace.

Worst Thing about being pregnant:  No sushi. No running.

Best Thing about being pregnant:  Feeling every little kick and wave.

Are you more scared or excited:  More scared but that's starting to change.

Happy or mostly moody:  Varies

Last time you cried over something ridiculous was:  Last week

You pee an estimated __ times a day?:  10-15, more? I pee constantly now.

Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?: Steven being pregnant and then having the baby come out of my stomach (like X-Files).

Will you breast feed:  Yup!

Words of wisdom:  Work out when you can!  I am so happy I took good care of myself before pregnancy, because I feel like it is paying off now during pregnancy.  Even though I can't work out as much, I try to work out as much as possible, even though everybody stares at the gym! Don't overwhelm yourself!

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  1. 31 weeks already! (Jonas was born at 31). I'm so happy to hear you're planning on BFing. I'm not gonna lie, it is HARD work, girl. The biggest commitment ever. But soooo rewarding and important. Let me know if I can give you tips or support you in any way. God Bless!