Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MY Breastfeeding Woes

First I want to state, I am committed to breastfeeding at least until I go back to work. That being said, my ultimate goal is 18 months. I am currently having a really hard time, especially with my left breast. At first I thought, breastfeeding isn't that bad, but it has gotten HARDER for me rather then easier. There are a couple for things that make me different from most. First, I have an over supply of breast milk. This is better than not having enough milk but it is still a problem. I am more prone to plugged ducts and mastitis. My letdown is extremely forceful; therefore is really painful and can affect Stella if it happens during a feeding (gulping/choking). My breasts become severely engorged and I have to get up in the middle of the night to pump for a few minutes (about 3 min.) so Stella can even latch. I will occasionally just hang out over the sink and leak to feel a little better or even hand express when I already pumped that night. I haven't started pumping regularly yet (only when I am so engorged she can't latch) because I am afraid that my body will say I need to make more milk. 
The average woman has 1.5-2 ounces of milk in each breast. I have 5 ounces (at least), I only pumped once on each side for about 15 minutes, in each breast. Did you know that over supply babies tend to be more fussy, gassy, need to be burped more, have weight issues (depending if they are getting more fore or hind milk), and can have stool issues. There are many things I can try to reduce my supply but I will tell you I have tried most and I am still sleeping on apples. 
I am sad that I can't comfort feed my child and that we have to use alternative means to comfort Stella when she just wants to suck. She can't even fully drain one breast in a feeding. In fact, she only really feeds for 10-15 minutes because she gets too full.  The worst is when she over eats and pukes everywhere. 
Now that I have written out all of my frustrations, I would like help from you... Please pray that I regulate by next week because I plan to start pumping for work. Pray that my nipple pain goes away and that the Lord gives me the strength to continue to breastfeed. Thank you- Dana

Stella was 8lbs 5oz at her 2 week appt. which is in the 50%. She is doing really good. Steven, Stella and I all got a cold this week and Stella was the first to get better. I am doing better but Steven is still really ill. Here are some pictures of Stella since birth:
 Last Week
 Last Week
 Saturday- Magic Game
One Week


  1. Dana,
    I'm sorry to hear you're having issues... but most people do. I'm happy to hear that you are not giving up, though! Check out the website KellyMom for a TON of BF info and tips and support.
    Also, have you tried only feeding her one side, and then pumping the other side for relief? When Jonas came home from the hospital, I had been pumping for a month without him, so I had about 4oz in each side... but he could only consume 2oz in a feeding! So I would only feed him from one side and then pump the other side out 2 oz... I built up a crazy freezer stash AND decreased my supply, until I became adapted to his needs.
    Good luck, and feel free to message me if you have any questions! You need support, so don't be afraid to go get it!

  2. UGH! So sorry Dana! I know how difficult it is to stick it out. Just know the beginning is always the hardest (which I am sue so many have told you). I have a pretty strong milk supply too. Do you have a lactation specialist at your pediatric office to work with? If not there is always the La Leche League and someone in your area can help. I have talked with a lactation consultant with both kids. It is so helpful! Your body is trying to regulate how much Stella actually needs. I find breastfeeding gets easier between 1-2months (but that being said I didn't stop leaking till 3-4months). Praying for you sister!