Monday, June 10, 2013

I'M BACK... And Stella is 9 months!

Ok so its definitely been awhile but I was adjusting to life and sometimes we all need a break. Stella is 9 months today! I am going to start where I left off.

Stella is 2 months:
 Yes, she is a strong kid and very aware!

Daddy love!

Stella is 3 months:

Such a cutie!
Stella you started turning over on July 5th. Your dad and I had just started giving you tummy time regularly (I was afraid I started to late but now you haven't stopped moving!).

Stella is 4 months:
This was the best photo I got... you would not sit still.

Stella is 5 months:

Photo taken by my brother in law, Devin LaLonde (contact info-

Just before 6 months (2 days) she started army crawling:

Stella is 6 months:

Stella is 7 months:


 You have started puling up and skirting furniture!
You are in extremely happy baby!


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