Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I went to babies R us over the weekend to begin my registry. I spent over an hour there trying to decided what I would need and only ended up registering for a total of 16 items. Out of these 16 items my sister-in-law helped me pick out half when I first found out I was pregnant, so on my own I registered for about 8 items. I do however have a registry on Amazon.com and I have been adding items as I research them. Babies R us is just so overwhelming... say I need a stroller, what kind of stroller, what brand, what color, etc. babies R us has everything right there which is good and bad. Good because you do get to see the product, bad because if your a first time mom with NO experience you get a little freaked out.
I feel so unprepared! I still have to clean the entire house, get rid of anything that may be harmful (baby proof), design and set up a nursery, think about childcare, find a pediatrician, cook food and freeze, wash everything, pack hospital bags, schedule a "babymoon", oh and sleep! I know I know... I have time but its all going by so quick and there are major holidays in between! I am already 17 weeks and have only decided on which room to put her in.
As of today I have gained 0.8lbs and I am definitely showing (I look more fat then pregnant), I only get sick now if I don't eat fast enough and I no longer feel comfortable in my regular pants (I feel like I am squishing her)... on to maternity pants! I am currently reading two amazing books (pregnancy related), Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize and Expectant Prayers for Expectant Mothers by Jennifer Weiss. I have a few others I will be reading but they are mostly "How To" books. If anyone has books they would recommend let me know!


  1. You are so funny! Relax. Being a first timer is super overwhelming, but baby steps are the way to go! Your list... You don't have to "baby proof" until your baby becomes mobile (so, about 8 months). You don't HAVE TO design the perfect nursery... she wont know the difference, and even if you finish up little by little, it'll be ok. For childcare and pedi's, get recs from friends. You don't HAVE to cook and freeze... your family, friends and church people will help you with that. A babymoon is nice, and something you should try to do, but not if it's going to overwhelm you. The only MUST thing on your list is to sleep! LOL
    As for the registry... you're doing right by looking for things on amazon and reading reviews. Pick out what you want online first and then register for it. A few things I absolutely couldn't do without in the beginning were a boppy pillow, swaddling blankets, sleeping gowns (no snaps), and a MOBY wrap (a lifesaver!).
    An awesome book I read that helped me get through the first 3 months semi-smoothly was "Happiest Baby on the Block". Also, if you're a message board person, check out www.thebump.com. It's a great resource!
    Breathe and relax... everything in it's time. If you need any suggestions of registry items, you can message me. Good luck! And remember, she's not going to need all the best gear out there... all she really needs is her mommy!

  2. Congratulations. My husband knows all about you and the baby-I guess I am last to know! LOL You are doing fine. If you want to hear from another first time mom, email Erin Stanley, our daughter. You remember Erin right? She and Paul have been through all the investigation of baby products. So she might be able to help but in the end relax and enjoy this preparation time.

  3. just decide to do one thing a day. freezing meals isnt something you would do until the end, so no reason to worry about it so soon. designing a nursery and baby moon are joys, not obligations, so dont let it worry you, if do them, awesome, but if you dont its ok too. baby also wont be where you need to baby proof everything for quite a while, so if it falls through the cracks, there will be plenty of time for that. Im not saying dont do these things, but just dont let them weigh on you.

    I have some names of pediatricians in your area somewhere. Ill find it. They make it a lot easier than you would think. the have scheduled weekly prenatal visits so you can check them out. you just get some names, check their website, and go to the visit that they already have set up with other expectant moms. Dr Mirales is one.

    things i wouldnt want to live without:
    Pack'n'play with changing table
    diaper champ/genie
    body pillow (for you right now, and for her when shes on your bed with you as a barrier)
    love the floormat play gym. (seems excessive, but Gwen loves it)
    baby swing
    lots of good sized receiving blankets for swaddling
    Happiest Baby on the Block video (we have it on our computer if u guys want to come watch it)
    breastfeeding cover (Balboa Baby or one with a rod in the top so it holds it out so u can see your baby)
    lots of socks
    soothie pacifiers
    diaper bag
    baby washcloths
    a shade for the car window
    baby thermometer
    rocking chair
    C & AA batteries- lots!

    You will be an awesome mom. I dont think anyone feels confident about raising kids until they are completely finished. Just enjoy the process.

    <3 kt