Friday, October 29, 2010

First Kick

I started feeling her move at around 17 weeks, it felt like bubbles popping, and it has been consistently getting stronger and stronger. Yesterday I felt her kick/jab my hand for the first time. For those of you who know me well, you know the beginning of this pregnancy was a little rough for me. Not because I was overly sick but because the pregnancy was not planned. I am not saying I wasn't thrilled because I know its a gift from God but I was/am so scared. I am a worrier, just ask Steven he will tell you. In the past couple of years there have been quite a few "obstacles" thrown our way and we have been playing catch up. Now that we have a baby on the way I have a whole new set of worries. Having a child is a big responsibility! You have so much influence over a person's life when you become a parent and they depend on YOU! Feeling her kick for the first time has made her become that much more "real" to me. I want to be the best mother I can and I want to her to know who God is. I don't have many Christian friends who have had children or even friends who have had children so if you are one of them you better believe I am going to be coming to you for advice! I just want everyone to know I feel elated that God would see me fit to be a parent.

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