Thursday, February 3, 2011

33 Weeks and Seriously Nesting!

Only 6 weeks 6 days  to go! I can't believe how fast my due date is approaching. I am definitely starting to feel the pressure to get everything done.  I knew I had started to nest a bit but now I am in the full blown nesting stage. I am getting anxious now and when things don't get done I get really upset or disappointed. Steven has been amazing trying to help me when eve possible even after a 10-11hr day at work! Last night he got home and could tell my hormones were in full swing. I was getting really upset (sad) that we still had so much to do. The biggest thing is we still need to finish our master bath so we can put carpet in our bedroom and set an area for when the baby comes. I know Steven has really been trying but he just can't finish alone. He doesn't know much about drywall and can't do two things at once, hold 16" tile while it sets and continue tiling. I am thinking about hiring someone to finish but he has gotten so far and it is so expensive! Back on topic... he came home, finished the laundry I started and did the dishes. He has been totally understanding when I get really tired and frustrated. I am almost done with the nursery; all that's left is sorting, hanging, and putting away clothes. 

I have started putting a list of all the thing we need to get done BEFORE Stella's arrival (ex. install car seats). It's not a huge list but it is a time consuming list. I have decided to start my maternity leave the week before my due date. This way, if she hasn't made her appearance, I will be able to complete whats left and feel more relaxed. 

Something that has recently started is leg cramps. I will be sitting or lying down and my toes will start to curl, then my calf will get stiff. I am not liking this new pregnancy side affect. This is definitely one I could have done without. Also, I think she has dropped. I am feeling way more pressure and she even looks lower. 


  1. Everything will get done... don't worry. Prioritize your list so the most important things get done first. Hanging clothes should be low on the list and installing car seats takes less than 10 minutes... i promise!
    As for the leg cramps... drink LOTS of water... it's usually a dehydration issue. Have water by your bed and drink during the night. Down side of that is that you'll have to pee even more than you do now! lol.
    You're almost there!!!

  2. Youre lucky.... i had the WORST charlie horses ever starting from before i knew i was pregnant. if you are just now getting them youre very lucky!! also, call my hubby, he will help get that stuff done around the house, you jsut have to tell him when!!