Monday, February 14, 2011


The nursery is finally done! Well for the most part I am sure we will add things. My mom did an amazing job on the mural and we collected free/inexpensive furniture along the way. Surprisingly the most expensive item we purchased was her rug.
Here are the nursery expenses:
Crib- Given to us by my cousins friends Consuelo.
Changing Table- Purchased by me off craigslist for $20
Rocking Chair- Given to us by Steven's grandmother
Rug- Purchased by me from Old Time Pottery for $40
Dresser- Purchased by my dad from a garage sale for $35
The mural beginning:
 The finished mural:
Ducks (matches bumper)
"We will shelter you"
Baby Deer (matches bumper)
Here is the complete nursery:
Rocking Corner
 Changing Area
 Inside of the closet

We also have a glider (given to us by my cousin) that we decided to keep in the living room for when she wakes up at night and we don't want to wake up one another.


  1. I LOVE the nursery and I am incredibly impressed at all the amazing deals you guys got! The mural is perfect! So exciting that there is going to be a baby in there soon :).....

  2. who knew that we had an artist in the family? the nursery is too cute!

  3. My glider saved my sanity! My mom bought it for us, and as a breastfeeding mom you will figure this out soon enough- there are times during growth spurts you will be sleeping in it. Nursery looks so pretty!

  4. That's beautiful! I love the artwork on the walls! So peaceful. :)