Friday, March 4, 2011

Check Up

I had my weekly check up yesterday during which I had my first internal exam (more out of curiosity then need). I understand now why women don't normally request them unless necessary so I probably won't be having another unless I go over 40 weeks. Exam Results: I am two centimeters dilated and she said she could stretch me to three (whatever that means!). She felt the babies head and Miss Stella moved for her. It was all very uncomfortable and exciting!
Don't worry I can stay two centimeters for a while but Miss Stella has definitely moved down. I forgot what it felt like to breathe and now I pee even more, like 20 times a day! Steven and I are going to be taking some long walks in the near future, maybe even going to my parents to walk up and down the stairs!


  1. YAY! So exciting! And you look fantastic Dana!

  2. Come over here and we can walk together, ill walk with taylor and you walk with stella! how about cranes roost?

  3. You look great Dana!! I'm so excited for you and Steven!!!