Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Moriarty Wedding Weekend

First, I would like to congratulate my cousin Sarah and her new husband Ryan; May God Bless You! At the beginning of last week I went to the doctor for my baby check up and was given the flu shot. I got sick around midnight that night and could not hold any solid food down until Wednesday. My sister and mother came over to nurse me back to health on Tuesday which helped so much! I was freaking out the entire time about the baby's health but the doctor said everything was fine, it was me who needed to get better. I still wasn't feeling all that well on Thursday but we had been planning a trip to New Jersey/New York since we found out the date of my cousins wedding. Our flight was Thursday night and we got in around 9pm. We proceeded to get the rental car which was supposed to be a Nissan Sentra but we ended up with a Cadillac SRX.  Both good cars but luxury was fun!
 Friday I took Steven into the city and we did some sight seeing.
Leaving for the city!
Thinking Central Park
Central Park
Time Square
St. Patrick's Cathedral
  Steven had a beer in Soho and my family joined us later that evening and we had some New York pizza.
I do not drink the beer!
He's loving it!

Saturday was the wedding and it was beautiful! I had a blast for the time I was there... I got sick and had to leave early but it was still awesome!

Sunday morning Steven and I (and the entire hotel) got woken up at 1:00am because the fire alarm was going off. We had to evacuate the building and we waited an hour to get back in!
From this event I conclude I am great in emergency situations (maybe from working at banks and high schools?) and Steven needs a little work. I was out of bed and had all valuables in 60 seconds... Steven took 3.5 minutes with my help. It was quite the night. Sunday we slept in, woke up at 11:00am, got packed, and headed out. We got breakfast with my family at the Park Ridge Diner (and took fun pictures- see below), which was a whole other event (crazy waitress), and then went shopping at some outlets in Jersey near the airport.

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