Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Fun...

I am so excited, Steven comes home tonight! He has been in George, Washington for DMB concerts. This has been one of the longest times we have been apart since we were married. He left Thursday night and will be home tonight, YAY! My weekend has been interesting too. My grandmother had surgery and she is doing great. I got sick and preceded to get both of my parents sick, oops. Other then that, it was a good weekend.
We have decided that our youngest dog Jake is going to need a new home. He is having trouble with listening which is leading to behavior issues. I think he mostly just wants attention but we have other animals that need attention as well. With the baby coming I can't handle him acting out because we are giving the other animals attention too. So if anyone know someone who may want a mini Australian Shepherd let me know.
Tomorrow, I will officially be 12 weeks but the second trimester starts somewhere between 13-14 weeks. I am not sure when we need to start thinking about the nursery or when I start buying little things we may need, like diapers.

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